professional negligence

In the UK market, or any other market for that matter, this can be described as a breach of the duty between the professionals and their respective clients. The duty of care usually is a common law agreement where the client expects a specific level of standards and professionalism commonly held by the people in the profession. For instance, thecommon term for the medical professional negligence is basically medical malpractices.

In this case, the patient normally expects the medical officer or doctor together with his subordinates to follow the standards that may prevent unnecessary harm and distress to the patients under his or her care. The negligence on the doctor’s part while carrying out their duties as a professional is malpractice. This breaches the duty of care and can involve legal penalties.

Generally, there are many cases that lead to professional negligence solicitors’ claims, including:

– Mistakes in drawing up policy

– Allegations of slanderous or libellous comment

– Breach of copyright or confidentiality

– Failure to complete a project on time or as agreed

Professional indemnity insurance usually protects against the professional negligence claims. A lot of proceedings are however being brought against specific directors of companies that have generally provided different services. For this case you should factor in arranging a special cover known as officers and directors’ insurance.

It particularly covers a broad range of cases; from the legal expenses and damages whereby actionable errors have been made.A good example of professional negligence is whereby one of your customers is contracted to implement an IT program or system for may be a new client. The terms and aims are agreed, which are to be met without failure by the IT consultant.

However, the client decides that the new program or system operates slowly and claims that the policyholder has been professionally neglected. You investigate the claimed issue and offer the appropriate guidance to the IT contractor involving analysing all the documentation in order to help them affirm that it has not only all of the agreed conditions and terms of the project in query, but that most of the efficiency issues are caused by hardware (which has been supplied by a different professional).…