The changes in traffic and motor laws have seen a growing trend in law firms that are branching out into this niche of law. However, with so many available options motorists may find it difficult to choose a motoring solicitor that is suitable for them. Worry not! Here are the top 4 considerations for choosing the best motor law specialist:

Experience and qualification
These are two highly essential factors that will separate a good motoring solicitor from one who will not defend you appropriately in court. It is important to go for an individual or firm that has experience in a variety of motor-offence matters as they are likely to put up a better defence for you.

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Qualification also goes hand in hand in experience. A good solicitor is well-educated and conversant with all matters of the law. According to the situation at hand, they should be able to point out the number of defences that suit you best. A solicitor can only do this when they have the expertise that is needed to see your case through.

Track record
It is easy to find out about a solicitor by looking at the outcome of cases they previously tried. Their track record tells it all! For instance, when you are looking to get a section 10 as a result of the traffic charges that you incur, it is important to see the details of other cases that are the same as yours. Finding out the outcome of previous cases will give you an idea of what yours may be like. If the solicitor has a solid track record when it comes to avoiding disqualification and obtaining the order that you seek then they are a perfect fit for you.

Do they know the local courts and magistrates?
Often, the magistrate allocated to your case is likely to hear out the opinion of your solicitor if they are experienced and have dealt with them before in a legal capacity. Although there are good solicitors who are not based in your specific area, it is always best to go for a firm that regularly works at the court where your matter is being handled. Personal knowledge of the magistrates will give your case to upper hand. However, an unfamiliar lawyer may lack to some authority and affect the eventual outcome of the case.

The cost
Needless to say, the most expensive motoring solicitor is not necessarily the best. As legal fees often fluctuate, it is essential to do your pricing homework from the onset. Choose a solicitor that you are most comfortable with and do not be afraid to discuss matters of legal fees, otherwise, financial matters could have significant implications at the end go your case. Obtain quotes at the beginning of the process and ensure that you are paying a fair price for your legal representation.

There you go! Four important factors that will be of high importance when choosing a solicitor. Remember, you should rely on your solicitor for a realistic prospect of your case at no cost. Gaining insight to your case will help you in obtaining a more favourable outcome.